Vision Statement:

Build. Explore. Follow.

FCM exists to see students build relationships, explore truth, and follow Jesus. 

Build Relationships

We believe that sharing the Gospel is all about intentional relationships with people from all different walks of life. We are encouraging our students to be intentional about building Gospel-fueled relationships with lost students and with other believers on campus. 

Explore Truth

College is a time of exploration. Do I really believe what I grew up being taught to believe? What is Christianity really about? What does it mean to walk with Jesus? We exist to offer a compass to help find those answers through finding answers in God's Word. Our weekly meetings, Bible studies, and relationships help provide answers to questions students are asking. 

Follow Jesus

We are not interested in giving students head knowledge that doesn't transform their walk with Christ. We seek to equip students with the truth so they can follow Jesus wherever He might lead.