Event Agreement

I acknowledge that by attending an FCM event such as a retreat, conference, mission trip, or other activity outside normal FCM meetings, that I will agree to the following:

- I will be respectful and courteous towards everyone in the group regardless of their beliefs or any other distinguishing factor. 

- I will honor and respect people of the opposite sex or same sex in my interactions with them. 

- I will respect and honor the rules and regulations set forth by the FCM leadership at the event itself. 

- I will not bring or use alcohol or drugs while at this event. 

- I will be financially responsible for anything I personally break or destroy. 

- I will not hold FCM accountable for any injuries that I may sustain while on this retreat due to my actions or the actions of others. 

- I will refrain from all sexual immorality while at this event. 

- I will not bring any weapons to the event. 

- I understand that if I am found in violation of any of these policies or the rules given by FCM staff, I may be sent home at my own expense and without refund. 

- I understand that FCM is a ministry directed towards college students between the ages of 18-25. I understand that if I am outside of these parameters and FCM's target audience, I may not be able to attend this FCM event